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400 Prayer, worship, manners etc. of the Quran and amp; Hadith Sahih / Hasan (God willing).


The Muslims, whether you have ever experienced:
-You want to start an activity, to pray as the Prophet taught, but you do not know what is prayer?
-You experienced something piquant / troublesome, want to pray according to which the Prophet exemplified, but not memorized lafadz her?
-You often forget lafadz prayers / dhikr that you read? Mixed one with the other?
-You have a book of prayers / dhikr complete, but lazy to open it, must find the table of contents, not always be taken as the thickness / weight, etc?
-You already recorded in gadgets, but then confused look, forget where to save, spend, etc.?
-All of the above makes you feel heavy, so you even so seldom pray / dhikr ??

If yes, then hopefully these things can lighten your load a little. Thank God, now comes the app? What prayer ?!

-Contains 400 prayer, dhikr, manners etc! Sourced from the Quran and Hadith Sahih / Hasan (inshaAllah, according to research experts of hadith), you can quietly practice it!
-Equipped Dhikr and Dhikr After Morning Afternoon Prayer Fard! Suitable made wird app / daily prayer you!
-Features? Find ?! Looking prayers / dhikr you want, just type!
-Features? Favorite ?! Have prayers / dhikr that you liked? Save it to your favorites so you can easily be raised again!
-Size text can be changed! Subtitles Arabic / others too small? Please change according to your taste!
-There? Mode Night ?! No glare when reading a prayer in the dark!
-Pengingat reminisce! No more missed dhikr morning / afternoon!
-Sharing to medsos, chat etc! Enjoy the rewards of that practice it overflow!
-Working offline! No need to use the internet!
-FREE !! Unlimited time, no one feature is turned off, all FULL!

May we all become Muslims who pray a lot / dhikr in every situation.

Please spread the word. ? Who showed to good, then he will be rewarded as the person who did it.? HR. Muslim 3509.


7.5K+ total
5 6,157
4 909
3 251
2 83
1 102
What's New
-Features new category can now be used as favorit.-addition of a few new prayer. In total there are 430 prayer! Highlights include: the addition of prayer in the category? Prayers After Tasyahhud ?. The addition of a new category: Prayer To The Newborn Child? and? The pronunciation Salam Salah? .- Changes / other improvements.

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