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Last updated: January 2023

Rain sounds for sleeping.

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Rain Sounds - Thunder sounds app

Rain Sounds, Welcome to our application where we provide you with multiple and variable Rain Sounds

Rain Sounds application features:
Application content updated online
Small app size, does not take much up space on your Android device
Contains all information about Rain Sounds

Rain Sounds application contents:

Rain Sound: Is the sound of rain white noise? Though like the hum of white noise, rain sounds are considered pink noise, which is quickly becoming the new It noise color. "White noise consists of a large spectrum of all frequencies that are audible to the human ear," explains Harris

Thunder sounds: What is the sound of thunder? The temperature of the air in the lightning channel may reach as high as 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun. Immediately after the flash, the air cools, and contracts quickly. This rapid expansion and contraction create the sound wave that we hear as thunder.

Rainfall sounds: What is the falling sound called? Thud. The sound of something heavy falling and hitting the ground.

The application also contains all information related to the following matters:

Rain noise
Relaxing rain sounds
Rain and thunder sounds
White noise rain
Storm sounds
Heavy rain sounds
Deep sleep rain sounds
Rainwater sounds

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Rain Sounds - Thunder sounds
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