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Social Intelligence: The New Science of Success.
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Karl Albrecht says that our concept that human mental capacity is the result of one attribute called "intelligence" is over. In the real world there is no such thing as intelligence, and it is time to bring Professor Gardner's concept, which he called "multiple intelligence" into our daily consciousness. Multiple intelligence consists of six main types of intelligence:
- abstract intelligence (symbolic mental thinking)
- Social Intelligence (Book Theme)
- Practical Intelligence (Business Achievement)
- Emotional intelligence (self-awareness and management of internal experience)
- Technical intelligence (sense of beauty and tasting arts, music and other comprehensive experiences)
 - motor intelligence (physical fitness, dance and music).
In his definition of social intelligence, Karl Albrecht says: "The ability to harmonize and be good with others and gain their cooperation with you and against them defines things. The definition of social stupidity is a lack of sense and a lack of awareness of the situation.
"The thing we call the book of social intelligence consists of two things: vision and behavior," he says. We seek to understand human social effectiveness at a level beyond the level of simple formulas and equations, beyond the use of pleasant daily expressions such as "please", "thank you" and ordinary social niceties, and beyond those so-called "interpersonal skills" Workplace. We aspire to understand how people who are most effective and influential in dealing with different social situations can do so very well and how often they know how to involve others in ways that are appropriate to the public context.


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