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Consistent (self) leadership in everyday professional life.

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Solutionspace was conceived and designed by PMPS Digital Solutions GmbH.

Solutionspace helps to create coherence or coherence in your life. In physics, coherence is a coupling of the phases of vibrations. The doctor, Theodor Dirk Petzold, regards coherence as a subjective perception that can be well described with well-being, being in a pleasant resonance, doing something. So it's about learning to design a situation in such a way that it feels comfortable and consistent. The neuropsychotherapist Klaus Grawe describes the continuous creation of coherence as the highest regulatory principle of psychological events.

This continuous creation of coherence takes place in all dimensions of life in which a person moves:
In the physical-vegetative dimension of life, a blood sugar level may be measured that is below the target value and your brain is relatively hesitant to respond and makes you hungry for a snack, the longer and clearer the deviation from the target value, the more vehement it becomes the feeling of hunger and the whole of thinking are geared towards the intake of food. Or a person notices that they are under time pressure or pressure to succeed in their professional and private everyday life without a break, continuously running in emergency mode - this person will increasingly try to enable his organism to relax or regenerate in order to be in coherence with that in the body's cells applied rest-activity cycle to come.

In the social-emotional dimension of life, a young woman may find that her partnership is characterized by fear and mistrust and that she hardly cultivates her friendships, the trusting, benevolent contacts. She will try to clarify with her partner whether she can experience connectedness and trust again in the relationship with him and if this is not possible, end this relationship and she will intensify contact with her friends in order to be able to experience connectedness there.

In the cultural and social dimension of life, a woman may have an occupation that is not sufficiently meaningful for her, that is, is not coherent with her idea of ​​meaningfulness in life. This woman will try to organize her work in such a way that there is space for aspects that make sense for her, that she is meaningfully involved in her free time or that she is looking for another job.

In the global-spiritual dimension of life, a person who is confronted with impermanence due to illness or death of a person close to them may search for a world view, a sense that is superior to the person and which enables them to share such parts of life to integrate harmoniously. Grossarth-Maticek has shown in a study that a personally coherent positive spontaneous relationship with God, regardless of which God is the strongest health factor, and increases the chances of getting old and healthy by 70%.

Ideally, our organism is continuously busy developing and implementing solutions for discrepancies. This is how health is defined in salutogenesis. Illness then means giving up this solution orientation, giving up, enduring disagreements permanently - this is exactly how diseases such as stress depression, cardiovascular diseases, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and also head, neck and back pain develop.

Solutionspace supports you in developing coherent solutions: each session consists of 4 parts: Introduction to the topic, support in generating ideas, help in formulating solutions, concluding an agreement with yourself. In addition, Solutionspace helps you to assess after a certain period of time how much more coherence the solution has brought you.
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