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First time together.
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The description of app by DANG TRONG DUC

The first time You can understand the phrase First Time Together means: For the first time intimate contact, for the first time "touching" the opposite sex friend. In this story also means that it is the first time to be loved. From after the story comes to a large number of readers. The phrase "First-time intimacy" has been very popularly used on websites, in newspapers, radio and television, in the catchphrase of numerous Chinese students.

The First Time Together is the "first shot" that opens the online literature movement of Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Thai Tri Hang created a violent effect from the moment he started posting each chapter of this work online. After announcing all the works on the personal website, admired by the web surfers and enthusiastically, Thai Tri Hang sold the copyright of his work, and the First Time Together, you read under the picture. traditional black and white paper.

First Time Together describes the emotional and dreaming feelings of a guy and girl who get to know each other online. As well as the immortal beautiful love of mankind, the unfulfilled love leaves a deep and sweet aftermath in the hearts of readers. The smooth, gentle story, fresh, youthful language and pure thinking of Thai Tri Hang are very attractive factors for readers.

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