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Last updated: Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Gangster Mafia City is a game to become the leader of a gangster.

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Gangster City Mafia Crime game

It's time for a crime simulator!

To strengthen your crew, you must find and recruit talented individuals from all corners of the underworld society, ranging from thieves and mercenaries to athletes and businessmen, Fight, dominate and become the criminal mastermind who can take over the whole underworld!
Gangster Mafia City the best grand gangster simulator action game, Mafia City is under attack by American gangsters and grand theft gangsters only the gangster can fight against them, you are part of this gangster mafia gun war that is going on! Get your action-packed grand gangster revenge in great gangster gun shooting games and action games.
Play Gangster Mafia City games and bring peace to the city by fighting against gangsters. Experience the city gangsters in the city fight in grand gangster mafia gun shooting games. The grand gangster games offer you incredible guns similar to multi-world gun shooting games.
Real Gangster Mafia City is a role-playing game to become the leader of the city, while playing along with gangsters and mafia cartels, in a free open game world with gang wars.
This is an adventure saga of mafia and waging gang wars. Extra missions are added with each update and season, plus limited-time events to play.
Street fights and mafia deals are part of this gangster mafia game, with six-gun action missions. Fight-night boxing, street fights anytime and anywhere, and different kinds of city driving with multiple vehicles and roaming around this open world.
And a lot more. Do not wait to try our crime simulator!
Theft and drive auto like an absolute madman, control the mafia, earn money and rule the grand gangster city.
Now, are you ready to become the most legendary boss?
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Gangster City Mafia Crime APK 1.02 Update

Update version 1.02
- Fix minor bugs
- Optimize game performance.

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Gangster City Mafia Crime
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