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Galaxy Merge - Idle & Click Tycoon PRO APK

Merge planes, build a space empire and become number one in the entire galaxy!. We have the latest application version and 3 older versions apk available.
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Jeremy Sherry May 22, 2019

unfinished game with no update for almost two months - got two ships to Max level of 25 in less than two days. Wasn't a super exciting accomplishment anyway but after that there is very little to do. There are a handful of expensive upgrades to get but no new ships too see. I just get to see the same couple of ships get blown up and the same single boss fly away over and over. That's end game right now, it's pitiful.

Jason Micha July 2, 2019

fun if you like watching ads. you can't do anything without it pushing an ad on you. want to disable them? np spend 5 bucks a week. save your time and money there are plenty of games out there cheaper and a lot more content.

BB HH April 26, 2019

The game was fun at first. Howwever after level 159 everything went downhill. it's impossible to make any progress without purchasing upgrades. even with the new April 3rd update the game is even more of a cash grab. download the game and when you get to a stopping point delete it. Dont bother purchasing the starter pack unless your lasy and have money to lose.
Red Machine April 29, 2019
Hello! Very soon we will release an update with the rating system and prestige! You can continue your progress!
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The description of app by: Red Machine

!!! PRO version is without interstitial ads !!!

Welcome to the exciting world of Galaxy Merge - idle combat aircraft simulator.
Get ready to lead the fleet of spaceships and fight against enemies throughout the Milky Way.
Combine matching planes, unlock new levels and blueprints, improve weapons and technologies of your ships. Take part in galactic battles, conquer space, collect money and materials from defeated enemies, which can be spent on the development of your empire.
The success of your fleet is entirely up to you. Build a strong empire, explore and travel to the most distant parts of the Space, defend your colonies from alien invasions, progress as a military commander. Become a true merge tycoon and prove to everyone that galaxy is yours.

The game is in early development. Updates are coming. New upgrades, new locations and high-end models of space ships will be available in the upcoming updates. You will encounter new enemies that haven't been seen before.
The most important thing is that you will be able to take part in the battle by taking control of certain spaceships. You will have to choose your assistant, who will help you in future battles.
What's New
- New splashcreen
- New planes
- Improved effects
- Rewind time for crystals
- Interface updated
- New offers
- Bugs fixed
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