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Agriculture App - Total farming solution for Indian Farmers

RML farmer is India’s most trusted krishi app meant for kisan suvidha meant for Indian agricultural community. The content of the app are exclusively dedicated for Indian farmers and Indian agriculture.

RML Farmer is one of its kind agricultural app where farmers can keep up with latest commodity and mandi prices, farm and farmer related news, weather forecast and advisory, provides agricultural advice all news regarding government's agricultural policies and govt schemes. This kisan suvidha app (suvidha is a hindi word which means comfort / convenience / ease) empowers those involved in agriculture and allied occupations in taking informed decisions by providing easy access to personalized & unbiased agriculture insights as per their location and in their preferred language. Users can choose from over 450 crop varieties, 1300 mandis, 3500 weather locations across 50,000 villages and 17 states of India.

Inside the Kisan App

CropDoc: CropDoc is one of the two smart tools that are brought to you by RML Farmer. CropDoc is an end to end pest, weed and disease management tool. CropDoc helps the farmers in identifying the problem that affects their crop at the right time and suggests them the corrective actions for the same. CropDoc also provides contacts of traders from where the kisan would be able to procure the best quality pesticides for his crop at the best rates.

DigiMandi: DigiMandi is the complete crop marketing solution meant for rural Indian farmer. With DigiMandi, the
kisan can now locate the mandi where the farmer can sell their produce and get the highest returns. DigiMandi will also connect the farmer with the trader across India to whom the farmers will be able to sell their produce

Market / Mandi Prices: From paddy prices in Delhi to maize price in Bangalore, from Cotton prices in Ahmadabad to Chana Dal prices in Kolkata, the farmer has prices of over 450 crop varieties and over 2000 markets / mandis at his fingertips. The farmer can also contact traders and sellers in the given market/mandi and view the price trends of the commodity so that he can plan sale of his produce.

Weather: To keep the farmer aware about the weather conditions in his region, the farmer is provided weather forecast for the next 7 days with temperature, humidity levels, expected wind speeds and possibility of rains. This information helps the farmers to plan and to take corrective actions for his farming related activities.

Agricultural Advisory: This is the USP of RML Farmer app - Krishi Mitr, the Indian agriculture app meant for kisan suvidha i.e. easing the life of the Indian farmer. The advisories and alerts provided are based on some long research done by the leading agri experts of the industry. These advisories will help the rural and urban farmers in taking the necessary corrective and preventive measures in advance.

Library: Agriculture information library is a gyan bhandar for kisaan to get all agriculture information related to any crops, sponsored posts, organic farming, mechanization, testimonials, cattle breeding & other tools related to farming. With this gyan bhandar Indian farmer has access to the package of practices of multiple crops along with basic information about pest and weed control. The farmers will also get information regarding organic farming, poultry farming, animal husbandry, farm mechanization and success stories.

Agricultural News and Events: The farmers can meet other like minded farmers, learn from them and share information regarding agricultural practices at meetings and other agriculture related events that take place around him. The farmers can meet buyers and sellers of various commodities at such events and benefit from networking with such commodity traders.

RML Farmer app is joining Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for a Digital India by empowering the Indian farmers in the agricultural sector to help usher the next Green Revolution with the use of knowledge, science and technology.


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What's New
CropDoc is the pest and diseases management tool. Using this you can
Identify diseases for your crops based on names and symptoms
Get warnings before possible attack of disease
Get personalized management practices for curing the plant from pest attack
Get traders details for purchasing pesticides
Digi Mandi is the smart tool that connects mandis digitally to the farmers. Using this you can
Locate mandis to sell your produce
Compare prices with mandis far away
Connect with traders across India

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