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Hayat-e-Taqwa is a famous Islamic book

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Hayat-e-Taqwa is a famous Islamic book written by Shaikh ul Arab wal Ajam Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb (ra).

Taqwa (piousness) means, to fear, to refrain and to defend oneself from sins on account of fear of Allah. Muttaqi (pious) is a religious person who lives paying attention to taqwa.

The first thought about taqwa is to refrain from harams (forbidden things). Refraining from Makrooh acts (abominable acts) comes after that. Makrooh means a disgraceful and abominable act, talk or behavior. Giving them up is also of taqwa. After that, we confront doubtful things. They have a relationship with harams like as makrooh acts. The suitable behavior in the name of taqwa, when confronting a doubtful, undefined matter, is to think its probability of being haram and to give it up. Then, Mubah (permissible) and Halâl (Lawful) acts and behaviors come. Enjoying them sufficiently and avoiding waste is also of taqwa.
Taqwa and good deed are two fundamentals bringing about development of the spirit and heart. Immaterial benefits are acquired by good deeds. Those benefits are secured and harms are kept away by means of taqwâ. A person who does not block the roads of evil will lose more than he gains and this attitude leads to bankruptcy.

There are three stages of taqwa:

1. Taqwa against polytheism: Refraining from polytheism by having faith in Allah. Thus, a person protects himself/herself from hell.

2. Taqwâ against sins: Refraining from committing the major sins and from insisting committing the minor sins. This is the most common definition of taqwa.

3. Taqwa against everything except Allah: Abstaining from everything intercepting the connection between Allah and the heart.
Hayat-e-Taqwa is a complete guideline for all the Muslims. So please download and share this beautiful Book.

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Date published: Mar 20, 2017

Current version: 2.0

Requires android: 2.3

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