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Arabic script written with multiple strokes with attention to the artistic

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Calligraphy is a writing art that is usually a beautiful Arabic sentence. Every calligraphy art that is displayed always has the elements of beauty on every form of calligraphy that is often used as wallpaper.

Calligraphy sentence you can enjoy well, if you understand the meaning and readings contained in the calligraphy. Of course it is not difficult, if you can read the Quran. Calligraphy is usually quite difficult to read is a calligraphy written with Arabic language bald. Or Arabic script that does not have punctuation.

In general, calligraphy is an Arabic script written with multiple strokes with attention to the artistic elements of each writing. The writing has always been an ornament of art that is liked by many people.
Calligraphy art itself is more famous in the Islamic world. For, calligraphy is usually taken from fragments in the holy book of the Qur'an. Usually the art of calligraphy that entered into Islamic art has always been a decoration on the walls of the house or mosque.

But now, with the development of calligraphy technology is not only written on canvas or animal skin. But now has a lot of Arabic calligraphy art that you can make as wallpaper in your own gadget. And wallpapers are available not only regular wallpapers, but also 3D wallpapers. Surely this will always remind us of religion and to Allah ta'ala.

Here are the various calligraphy we will give to you. There are 3D and 2D calligraphy.
The art of calligraphy will not leave the aesthetics of your home. With the writing of calligraphy from fragments of Qur'anic verses of course it will make your home more cool and also can be your inspiration and family to become a hafiz Quran. Amen.

1. Picture Calligraphy Bismillah
Sentence 'bismillah' is also actually used as examples of calligraphy by artists of Muslim art. Lafadz Bismillah will not be a mediocre lafadz if it is displayed with a pretty beautiful calligraphy art. In making calligraphy, every word should be taken into account the forms of making the calligraphy. In order for the sentence of Al Quran that has been made like a calligraphy can still be read well by Muslims.
Calligraphy is not only to teach the Qur'an alone, but as a means for Muslims in the world to continue to preserve reading the Koran. Certainly with the calligraphy then it will be more encouraging to Muslims in the world.

2. Calligraphy lafadz Alhamdulillah Modern
Previously we also have seen the calligraphy that is in a living room. Where it fits serve as wallpaper in the living room. But actually not only in the living room alone you can pair the calligraphy sentence.
You can pair calligraphy d room. So that your days will be filled with various fragments of the Quran from the beautiful calligraphy that is in every corner of your house. Surely this will help you to continue to preserve reading the Quran. With wallpapers in the room may help you to continue to remember the Quran when you want to sleep and when you wake up. You will continue to see the writings of the Qur'an.

3. Picture Calligraphy I am Muslim
This calligraphy if you attach it to your gadget may help you to remember the house of God, the mosque. Every time you hear the call to prayer, you have to go to the mosque. Picture wallpaper calligraphy of the mosque may help you to continue to remember the house of God. Even when you're working and looking at smartphones during adzan, makes you always want to go to the mosque to pray worshipers. What else for you Adam. It is obligatory to always enliven the houses of God. Even you Adam is obliged to pray five compulsory time in the mosque. Only the sunnah prayers you can do at home as men.
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Date published: Jun 28, 2017

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