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Last updated: March 2023

An action horror puzzle RPG with rich story where you battle monsters.

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Into Samomor - Horror Puzzle game

Into Samomor is an action choice-based horror puzzle RPG with a rich story full of secrets to uncover. In this action choice-based horror RPG, you'll make choices, battle great monsters, solve riddles, and find clues to decide who to save and who to kill. There is no automatic health regeneration in Into Samomor and resources are limited. You'll have to learn when to sacrifice your health to save people, and when to leave them to end, or you'll face consequences. Coming with a rich story and humorous characters, I hope Into Samomor will bring you a great experience and endless joy.

【Game Features】
・Explore the story full of horror and creepy element, twist and turn, secrets and mysteries, choices and decisions
・Discover which characters are telling the truth and which aren't, then make a tough choice based on the circumstances.
・Collect various items to upgrade your character.

・An easy to jump into combat system, yet challenging boss fights.
・Rewarding rewards after boss fights.
・Action stages where you test your dodging skill and your timing.

・Despite the game's focus on its horror story and choice-based system, Into Samomor also has various puzzles that are scattered around the game. Solve them to open invisible doors and unlock secret passages.
・Solve riddles that are given to you by characters from the game. They can be solved in multiple ways. Each way results in a different outcome.

・Because the game has a choice-based element, each of your choices can lead to a different ending.

・It's your choice to be friends with a dog or not. He will help you on your way till the horror end.

In the town of Samomor, every ten years a resident disappears without a trace. All of them had one thing in common: they stood in front of Samomor Forest before disappearing the next day. After more than 9 years of peace, the time has come for a new victim, but this time there is a difference that no one knows about that will change everything. This victim has a special friend. Not wanting to exist alone, this friend abandoned his already empty life in search of his missing buddy. And so he entered the forest, believing he would find what he thought he was looking for.

【Connect with the dev】
For questions and feedback, please give me a message on my Facebook:
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I hope you'll enjoy this action, horror choice-based puzzle RPG. :)
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Into Samomor - Horror Puzzle
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