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Last updated: Thursday, January 19, 2023

The fantastic knockout battle royale mobile game is live! Join the fray now!.

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Wipeout: Party Royale game

【Game Features】
--Flashy avatars, Play in style-- Uncle McDonald, Street Plate Girl, Biker Boy are waiting for you to claim! Clothing, attire, accessories... Tons of skins free to match. There is always one suitable for you. You will be the most eye-catching guy on the map! -Party Royale, Frisky Fun!

-- Co-op or Compete? It's up to you! You can play with many of your friends through a series of levels round after round of escalating chaos, or you can knockdown your opponents or rivals and overcome everything with each step until you win!Hop, bop, grab, and throw!

--Quirky gadgets at your fingertips The game allows you to run, dash, and slide past opponents with its very colourful and crazy software designs.. You can hit a cannonball in the dessert world, put on track shoes in the torrent, and even throw others.

The game is currently in the soft launch stage and we hope to listen to the real voice of each core player. We will make adjustments according to the opinions collected from players, in order to launch a more mature and highly playable game in the near future to meet you.
For more details, please refer to official discord for more game test info:https://discord.gg/PGMW5sjdMF

CS email:wipeout.cs@enginegames.com
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Wipeout: Party Royale APK 0.56575 Update

The fantastic knockout battle royale mobile game is live! Join the fray now!

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