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When it comes to calligraphy, I wonder if the kids are still studying beautiful writing at school, but when I was in elementary school in the late '80s writing beautiful on the stitch paper it was one of the lessons I loved. Good writing turns out to be there. Each letter and its relation there are measures and techniques of drawing upright and curved lines. Every letter, bigger, there is an ideal size.

Beautiful writing is commonly referred to as calligraphy, adopted from the word calligraphy (English) derived from two Greek syllables, kallos (beautiful) and graphia (writing, script, or image). Calligraphy has generally been known in the world civilization, not only in the West, but also in the East and the distant lands. Hence, we know Chinese, Javanese, and Arabic calligraphy.

History of Arabic Calligraphy
Because then we will talk about the art of Arabic calligraphy, it needs to be called its equivalent in Arabic, which is Khathth which then became Indonesian Khat.

The khat understanding described by al-Akfani (1349 AD), also known as the scholar of hadith, is the most frequently quoted: "Khat is the science that teaches single letters and how to put them in a composition or series of writings, or whatever is written with line media, and how it should be written or not written, and what and how the spelling can be composed. "

Understanding Calligraphy Art
This means calligraphy is related to technique or "art". Furthermore, Yaqut al-Musta'simi, a Khaththath (calligrapher) at the end of the Abbasid Daula, emphasized the function of calligraphy for the soul. He calls it, "Calligraphy (khat) is the art of spiritual architecture seen through physical form (material or visual, in this case writing)". In other words, the khat deals with the fineness of the soul or the spirit.

A budding calligrapher exercises his patience in drawing lines, and in his attention to every size and shape of the letters. A reliable calligrapher pays every erect and curved line, noting the long and short relations between letters, subtly or sharply forming letters that are strung together in a word or sentence, even further giving it a more meaning to a sentence with the beauty of the series in various styles of writing. This is what is meant by the art of writing (calligraphy) which requires a spiritual or soul.

For people who view the work of calligraphy, beautiful writing can give a subtle touch, instill an appreciation for an endurance and skill. Furthermore, for those who truly live, every pull of the line is identical to the breath in life. Persistence, which means also the thoroughness or diligence, forming a solid soul, appreciate the perseverance that also can strengthen the soul.

In the early days the Arabic writings were still a rigid form, which was merely a record of events. In the inscription of Umm al-Jimal or Imru 'al-Qays (3rd century and 4 AD) Arabic script is still a rigid prototype that has no dots and lines. Similarly, in the manuscript of the eighteenth-century copy of Madinah in the form of Ma'il (slanting), the unbelievable Muslim of the Qur'an and never learning baldness will be very difficult to read, especially to understand it.

After so many centuries of perfection - with such figures as Abul Aswad ad-Du'ali (w 688), Yusuf as-Sijzi (d.825), Ibn Muqlah (d 940), Yaqut al-Musta'simi (d. 1298), etc.-Arabic calligraphy became one of the pinnacle of Islamic culture. He became a medium for copying beautiful scriptures, even into wall hangings that give meaning to the existence of the Creator in our homes.


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