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  • Updated on: Jan 29, 2019
Fast fast 10 days.
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Apply 11 day diet is an application to help everyone who is looking for a quick diet for weight loss and a quick diet to increase the water diet
The application includes natural dieting recipes for healthy eating, as well as a known water dieting program for Dietit to lose weight and gain ideal body agility.
In addition, the application contains recipes for rapid slimming and weight loss from the first week

Application Classification:
Weight Loss Diet
Regimates reduce fat weight
A harsh but fast diet
Water diet
Dieting meals included in the application are among the lowest calorie dieters to help you lose weight in a natural diet.
Madam If you like everything that is natural, such as natural recipes for hair or natural recipes for facial cosmetics, whitening the face and whitening the body, you can get it through other applications in this application.
It is a distinguished diet program that will satisfy you with the will of God with a constant follow up from Dr. Ahmed Mansour.

Once there is a Diet Clinic on your phone you will receive alerts from the therapeutic nutritionist Dr. Ahmed Mansour, with regard to diet and what suits you, and follow you with the best types of diet suitable for you and the best program, which may reach you to lose 30 kilos per month, God willing.

It is our users' assessments that have helped us develop the Diet Clinic application for continuous follow-up with you and to choose the best, fastest and most effective body weight loss recipes in a healthy and effective way.

Features of the Diet Clinic application:

1 - contains all the sections that interest you in terms of dimming.
2 - Department of food systems includes the latest and fastest recipes slimming and most effective to achieve weight and body ideal desired.
3 - Includes the best incendiary herbs for fats, which are used regularly with the system and diet.
4 - Calorie counter includes the calculation of energy units in various foods and beverages and serves as a comprehensive guide.
5 - The most important things covered by Diet Clinic are the daily tips, which are alerts received on your mobile phone and of course it is very distinctive and will benefit you in Rajimk.
6 - by a special section of exercise, which will help you in the will of God to lose excess weight quickly.
7 - Any query you want a quick answer, you can leave it in the queries field and you will receive an answer immediately.

It also offers to apply the best types of diet programs different healthy fast-acting ones, which is a strict diet for the loss of part of the weight quickly in 7 days, for example, burning fat located in different areas such as rumen or abdomen.

As well as an easy diet that works to slim the body on a relatively longer period of up to a month or two, including the diet of carbohydrates, water diet, protein diet and also the point of various points and also the evaluation of a chemical diet.
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