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Last updated: Saturday, November 26, 2022

The first 3A Lite big world adventure RPG.

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Gran Saga:格蘭騎士團 game

Officially open at 10:00 on December 1st
The great legend of love and protection is now officially open beta! Download Cue's limited edition "Gran Years Costume" and "Gran Weapon"! Go to the official website to learn more:

"Gran Saga: Gran Knights" is a cross-generational 3A Japanese and Korean masterpiece created with the UE4 engine. The game uses a background of a mixture of mechanical civilization and fantasy world view. The story of embarking on an adventure journey. In the game, players can collect diverse characters of various attributes, freely control a three-person team to enjoy RPG battles and the fun of cultivating characters, and there are more than a thousand kinds of "Gran weapons" and "artifacts" in the game. With the matching of levels to provide more changes in gameplay, it brings players an unprecedented multi-adventure style of cross-era 3A Lite!

======== Game Features ========

★UE4 engine produces a shocking sensory feast★
★Luxury Japanese voice actor lineup, supervised by Yoshitaka Amano and Yoko Shimomura★
The 3A-level game world view created by the UE4 engine, the exquisite 3D dynamic module presentation, the special supervisor of Final Fantasy producer "Yoshitaka Amano", and the game BGM produced by the world-renowned composer "Yoko Shimomura" bring you unprecedented stereoscopic vision and An auditory feast.

★Immersive experience to reveal the secret of the girl with amnesia★
★Three million words of game plot, 1,000 hours of game dubbing★
With a game story of more than 3 million words and up to 1,000 hours of dubbing time, through rich mainline animations and side stories, embark on an adventure journey with a mysterious girl and gradually unlock the secrets buried deep in memory.

★Collect cute girls who turn into weapons★
★Use Gran's weapon skills to transform beyond the limit★
Players can collect and cultivate the "Gran Weapon" that resides in the legendary soul, and can also transform into a variety of cute girls and legendary heroes and display unique moves and transformation skills.

★Thousands of Gran weapons and artifacts for you to collect and match★
★Cultivate trust with the characters of the Knights, and interact with each other to develop super fun★
More than 100 kinds of gran weapons and artifacts, with different lineups according to the level, creating a unique fighting style; each character of the knights has different abilities and background stories, through fighting and dialogue, deeply understand their stories, cultivate mutual trust.

★3A Lite computer and mobile phone cross-platform interoperability★
★A cross-age masterpiece with multiple benefits, you can play anytime, anywhere★
Cross-device play on computer and mobile platforms, no matter where you are, you can experience the sense of presence from cross-generation 3A Lite masterpieces, and play hall-level masterpieces more easily and without restrictions.

★Multiple roles can be freely switched and manipulated to explore more surprises★
★PVP competition, giant boss team trial and other multi-featured dungeons★
Original multi-role control free switching gameplay, free exploration on the vast land, and cooperate with friends to challenge the competitive trial copies from various huge bosses such as "Advent Battle, Annihilation Battle, and Elf King".

★Delicate and micro-operations with attribute strategies and tactics to win★
★Hairstyle, fashion and mounts can be freely matched, customized as you like★
In accordance with the attributes of different levels, each character will take turns to battle, and use the positioning skills and equipment matching strategy to win; there are also hairstyles, hair colors, and fashions that can be changed arbitrarily, allowing you to create a unique and unique personal style and create your own knight. Role!

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※Support PC, Android, iOS cross-platform game experience, it is recommended to reserve more than 10G capacity.
※The content of this game involves violence, love and making friends, and is classified as supplementary level 15 according to the software classification management method.
※This game is free to use, but some content or services in the game need to pay other fees.
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid indulging in games, which may affect physical and mental health.
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