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Smart Tool Kit is an across the board application and is a large portion

360 Tool Kit is an across the board application and is a large portion of the measure of a typical
"independent device" application like compass, interpreter or a ringtone producer application.
Thusly you'll spare a ton of plate space, time and dissatisfaction hunting down all the day by day
apparatuses you require!

Principle Features

★ Miner in Size

★ 30+ applications can be supplanted with one application

★ Has the most normally utilized application highlights

★ One simple tap to make easy routes on your home screen

★ Tools are organized according to various class by which discovering them is simple ►

Profitability • Utility • Calculation • Conversion • Navigation and Measuring Tools

360 tool kit joins particularly with a few capacities ►

1. Pulse Monitor

Measure your pulse with gadget camera and watch an ongoing heartbeat graph. Checking your heartbeat is a straightforward method to get data about your wellbeing.

2. Interpreter (All dialects)

Effectively interpret words starting with one dialect then onto the next through straightforward tasks.

3. Multilingual Dictionary

Free online word references for relatively every current dialect.

4. Exercise Timer

Extreme wellness sidekick for any of your rec center or home exercises.

5. Reserve Cleaner, RAM Booster

Keep your telephone clean! Clean garbage documents, reserve and lift gadget RAM.

6. Battery Saver

Spare and Extend Your Battery Life with this one-tap simple streamlining agent.

7. Sound Meter

Screen the present sound weight level and its range.

8. Guide

Get headings quicker, discover places, demonstrates your present area on the guide and offer your GPS organizes

9. Compass

Get the correct headings dependably in your grasp for the greater part of your outside exercises.

10. Magnifier

Amplify little questions that are difficult to see. It additionally incorporates a glimmer light.

11. Mirror

See yourself utilizing your forward looking camera even around evening time.

12. Protractor

Measure the incline of any question utilizing your camera and nonexistent weight.

13. Sound, Video Cutter

Select the part/scene you need to cut and this instrument will deal with the rest.

14. Metal Detector

Recognize attractive field of adjacent materials and watch it on continuous graph.

15. Scratch pad

Take notes effortlessly in your most loved hues. Reinforcement notes, remain composed!

16. Money Converter

Convert between various monetary forms. Monetary forms are refreshed naturally.

17. Adding machine and Graph

Make fundamental figurings with charts

18. Unit Converter

Convert between various physical units.

19. Sound Recorder

Effortlessly record and playback high caliber long-term sound account on your cell phone or tablet.

20. Metronome

Great metronome with flexible beat.

21. Pitch Tuner

Tune the pitch of your voice or melodic instruments. It can likewise play the revised tone.

22. Code Scanner

Sweep bar and QR codes rapidly with your camera.

23. Record Manager, Root Explorer

Record chief with Root Explorer.

25. Math device

Basic ascertaining device and valuable learning gadget

26. Ruler

Effectively measure the measurements of various articles.

27. Leveler

Check the surface levels.

28. Speedometer

Shows helpful speed and separation data for your adventure.

29. Spotlight

Utilize it as a manual light, as a strobe light or as a music light show.

30. Agenda, Reminder

Complete Things an adaptable daily agenda.

31. Stopwatch

Exactness stopwatch with "Auto Save" results work.

32. Vibrometer

Measures vibrations on every one of the 3 tomahawks: X, Y, Z

33. Pedometer

Records the quantity of steps you have strolled

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