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Last updated: Monday, April 12, 2021

One Application Series / Movie, Entertainment, Spending Time and Everything About Winning!.

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Using the Sinekazan Application:
👉-You can discover Movies and Series by accessing information about the subjects, actors, imdb scores, genres, trailers etc. of the Series and Movies. You can also have fun by reading a lot of information such as the success adventures of Popular Players and Popular Young Players, how they became actors, and more!

👉-You can find your own Movie / Series with beautiful, diverse, creative lists, or you can browse the lists created by users and discover movies or create your own list!

👉-At the same time, you can follow up-to-date news about the Cinema Industry, Actors, Movies / Series and Magazines, and find out what happened behind the scenes of many films!

👉-Films, Series, Magazin, Players, İNTURKEY Cinemas and many more topics you can write about reading criticism finds users can interact together with his comments and criticisms to dislike!

👉-You can like Movies and TV Series and join the chat room of each movie or create your own chat room about a TV Series / Movie you want!

👉-You can also benefit other users by commenting and / or rating the TV Series and Movies You Watch and / or Know!

👉-At the same time, you can add fun to your entertainment with more than 28 Innovative and Fun content games, you can buy any product you want from our store, which has 14 categories and more than 400 awards with the points you earn!

👉-You can also learn about Upcoming Movies!

👉-Any Director / Actor / Lighting / Sound Director etc. who are young and / or amateur. Support is provided to people. You want to be a director and you wanted to make a movie, but don't you have enough cast?
You want to be an actor but you can't find a movie to play? Or did you shoot a movie but couldn't find a place to promote it? In this sense, the application helps in many issues such as both promotion and business. At the same time, prize money is given to the top 10 films among the Short Films sent every month!

👉 You can have fun with more than 20 platforms (News, Chat by Movie Pleasure, Learning English, Video Talking, Finding Audience Friends ...)

👉-You can have a pleasant time by watching sections and edits from TV series / movies.

👉-A chance to participate in more than 5 draws each week and win
you can catch.

👉-You can read the analyzes about the current episodes of the TV series every week and score the episodes.

👉A single application for all your entertainment needs in this application !!

👉 Come on, what are you still waiting for? Download the application now and join us !!!
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