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Last updated: Monday, November 29, 2021

The application is used to increase positive energy and attract good luck.

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Activation is one of the Chinese systems for increasing positive energy to attract good luck and realization in the areas. Our personal energy is constantly in interaction with the energy flows of space. The energy of space changes its direction from time to time, thereby facilitating or complicating our opportunities in life.

It's like swimming in the open ocean, where the currents periodically change and if we start to swim against the current, we spend more energy to move towards the goal, it is more difficult for us, and it becomes difficult to achieve what we want. But if we get into the flow, then the flow itself carries us; we do not waste a lot of energy and quickly achieve the result.

Activations are a kind of compass. Staying in streams of unfavourable or favourable energies does not immediately give a strong effect, but it is cumulative. And suppose you regularly activate the energy of space that is favourable for yourself, after a while in that case, it will be easier for a person to get results in such areas of life as love, money, business, buying real estate, general improvement of the level, family.

The activation itself is quite simple. At a certain time in that sector of the room (office, apartment, house) where there are favourable energy flows at that time, it is necessary to put a fountain, fan, or candle (depending on the type of energy) or simply move furniture in the required sector to activate this energy.
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Luck Activator
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