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  • by Slithice
  • Version: 1.0
  • Updated on: Jun 23, 2017
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Long or short hair can now have a great and sleek look when it is braided. Hair braiding is something that almost anyone can learn to do and enjoy doing for other people at the same time. Many girls like to have their mothers put braids in their hair for school or any reason. Having braids at any age is a cute and fun hairstyle.

Any women that have long enough hair to braid can enjoy this look for any occasion. There is so many different look that you can achieve with hair braiding. You can wear your hair this way for work, school, or even a special night on the town. You will feel more confident when you know that your hair looks put together and it is not hanging in your face.

Many younger girls like to have their mothers do some hair braiding for them. This is such a cute look on any school age child. They can wear them with some cute little ponytail holders or even some ribbon to keep them tight. Any kind of braids in the hair is cute for the smaller children and even some of the young adults.

There are so many forms of hair braiding. There are the French braids, the pigtail braids and even the long braid. It will depend on the length of the hair and the consistency to determine which braid will work better. The longer and thinner hair is going to be able to have the longer and fancier braids.

French braids can be on longer to medium hair. It is easier to do some hair braiding on this type of hair. A French braid is a braid that is made to look like it is inward in the hair. This is a tighter and sleeker look to any women's hair. Sometimes it is easier to do this type of braid when the hair is damp.

Long hair looks so nice when it is braided. There are girls who can do their own hair braiding and do not need to depend on anyone else to do it for him or her. This will take some skill, but it is a great feature to be able to do on your own. A long hair braid can be made to lye down the back or even be formed into a bun. Either way, this is a great way to keep your hair out of the face and keep it looking neat and attractive at the same time.

If you do not know how to do hair braiding, there are many books out there to show you the simple steps to a braid. Once you learn it, you will have no problem doing them. As you go, they will look neater and more attractive with each new braid that you do.

If you want to get professional quality hair braid results, then there are certain things you should do before and after you get your hair braided. Follow these tips and you will keep your braids looking great.

1. Before your hair is braided, wash your hair thoroughly and blow-dry it. You want your scalp to be clean beforehand since it is more challenging to keep your scalp clean after your hair is braided.

2. Treat yourself to a hot oil deep treatment prior to your hair braid appointment. This will make your hair easier to manage because it makes hair pliable and locks in moisture. After you get your braids, applying oil to your scalp regularly will also help to replenish your hair and help prevents dryness.

3. If someone is else braiding your hair, ensure that you speak up if the hair is being braided too tight. Medium tension is best. The last thing you want is for hair breakage and thinning to occur due to the pulling tension at your hairline.

If your braids were braided too tight, then can get some relief by taking a hot shower. The steam from the shower will help loosen the braids a bit.

4. Do not use heavy conditioners and shampoos on braided hair. These can cake residue on to your hair and can be hard to remove. You can use a "dry" shampoo or a braid shampoo. You can also mix a moisturizing shampoo with water in a spray bottle and apply directly to your scalp to remove dirt.

5. To soothe an itchy scalp, which sometimes occurs with braiding, soak a cotton ball in an astringent like Witch Hazel and apply it to your scalp. This will also remove dirt as well.


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