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  • by Softecks
  • Version: 1.2
  • Updated on: Aug 10, 2017
For Researchers and Enthusiasts!.
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✨This App is Mainly Intended for Enthusiastic Engineers and Researchers, Which Contains News,Tips and Articles on Engineering Research,Technologies and Design.✨

➠【Main Topics】

-The potential of graphene for the composite market .
-Augmented reality in product design .
-Keeping industrial automation fit and healthy .
-Dispelling the myths surrounding linear guidance systems .
-Key factors to consider for precision measurement using laser displacement sensors .
-How fastening technology brings together the drive for lighter vehicles .
-Vibration monitoring of rolling bearings to maximise asset reliability .
-Smaller, faster, hotter: optimisation of bearings for challenging applications .
-Planetary gearheads .
-NVIDIA Quadro VR ready program points pros to a great VR experience .
-Top 10 reasons why you still need a PLC .
-The art of design validation and verification .
-30 seconds to industrial automation take off .
-The challenges of creating The Industrial Internet of Things .
-Can technology maintain its current pace of growth? .
-Choosing the right connector spec .
-Motor controllers: build or buy? .
-Considerations in choosing motors for robotics .
-Don't neglect palletising when automating lines .
-Connectors for tomorrow's system integrators .
-Fact or fabrication: Busting the myths surrounding robotics .
-High-pressure pumps – what price reliability? .
-Your smart device is watching you .
-Robots create the perfect 'rise' for baked goods .
-Amazing technologies on cruise liners .
-What are the different quadrants of operation and how does it relate to my DC motor control application? .
-De-railing the hype train .
-The history of 3D printing (it's older than you think) .
-How do I get a metallic finish? .
-Being clear about clarity .
-Permanent magnet vs Iron cored DC motors .
-Selecting a brushed or brushless DC motor – decisions, decisions .
-High speed machines drive technology forward .
-When your design isn't really a design .
-The volume curve .
-Design for direct metal laser sintering .
-Recycled plastic barrels create cheap wind power for developing countries .
-Bloodhound SSC's cockpit instruments .
-Designing with users in mind .
-Graphene-Based 3D Printing Material .
-Test and measurement options for design engineers at EDS 2016 .
-Following DFM Guidelines for Working with Sheet Metal .
-Powder-Metallurgy Processes .
-A Quick Look at Heat Treating Processes for Metals .
-A Quick Look at Steels Used for Fasteners .
-A Primer on Plating and Finishes for Fasteners .
-8 Tips for Lowering the Cost of Steel in Your Designs .
-Calculating the Hidden Loads in Fasteners Near Edges .
-The Past, Present, and Future of Springs .
-What are the Differences between springs? .
-The Basics of Coatings and Finishes for Metal Hardware .
-Avoiding Corrosion on Fasteners .
-Difference Between Resistance-Welded Fasteners and Arc-Welded Studs .
-Methods for Fastening Sheet Metal without Fasteners .
-Difference Between Cartridge Heaters and Tubular Heaters? .
-What is stainless steel? .
-Comparing Stainless Steel and Other Metals .
-Steel is up to the AUTOMOTIVE CHALLENGE .
-Advanced High-Strength Steels Add Strength and Ductility to Vehicle Design .
-Calculating the Proper Preload for Threaded Fasteners .
-How internal loads affect bolt preload .
-Understanding the Nut Factor in Threaded-Fastener Torque-Tension Relationship .
-Demystifying Bolt Preload .
-Preload Calculation Makes or Breaks a Joint .
-Software Takes the Load off Joint Modelling.
and much more weekly update...➻✫


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