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Last updated: August 2022

Solid presents Solid.Me!.

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New mobile application for complete remote control of Solid Smart doors with great functionalities and access monitoring.
Thanks to Solid.Me, you can unlock and lock your door remotely, easily give and cancel access, and monitor the status of your door.
The main advantages and functionalities of the application:
1. Unlock and lock through the app with one touch.
2. You observe the status of the door - whether it is unlocked or even whether it is open.
3. You can customize your main screen with the sensors which are most important for you - what is the temperature outside inside the door, whether the unlock button from the inside is active or not, the battery voltage level and more.
4. Easily set the notifications you want to receive - when unlocking/locking the door and alarm events.
5. Easily add or remove fingerprints or cards through the app.
6. You can add more than one Solid Smart door to control through Solid.Me.
7. Additional security is never superfluous. You can add an additional PIN code to log in to Solid.Me or even log in with biometrics.
8. You can choose between Bulgarian and English, as well as light or dark theme of the application.
9. See who has access to the door and what access they have.
10. You can add a new user, as well as determine the access type:
- Permanent type of access.
- One-time type of access – quickly determine the access interval. Especially convenient functionality for short-term rentals or guests.
- Recurring – easily fix the days and hours of the week that the user will be able to unlock and lock the door.

11. You have real-time information about your door sensors.
12. Door management is important. That's why we've gathered everything in one place:
- You set automatic door locking and set the locking time.
- Easily change the alarm activation
13. You know who, how and when unlocked the door. You can monitor events such as access, alarm, and sensors, and filter by user, interval, or method.
Solid.Me only works for Solid Smart doors and cannot be used on its own.
After registration, the administrator has a one-year free trial period. After it expires, an annual subscription is paid – quickly and easily through the app.
You can request the Solid.Me app to your already installed Solid Smart door or as a great extra to your new Solid Smart door.
Only at Solid Doors Center and regional partners.
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