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Lich Van Nien 2017 - Lich Viet APK

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Lich Viet 2017 - perpetual calendar 2017 - Van Lich Su 2017 and amp; Horoscopes 2017

► Calendar app VIETNAM - The most common perpetual calendar!
► Register and synchronize Calendar account Vietnam Online, connect Google Calendar account / Facebook
► Features Home completely new to help you search faster, and links to entire useful features
► the folk wallpaper childhood special
► Send New year greetings, Valentine, 8/3 and important occasion in the year
► See 12 zodiac horoscope (horoscope) daily
► Counting down - Countdown events your key
► See Astrology 2017, broke ground in Dinh Dau
► Select theme quotations and share quotations on Facebook
► Add event, scheduled reminder Music: prompt anniversary, birthdays, weddings, ...
► Widget calendar: Calendar day Calendar month, quick access to commonly used features
(# ) software nicest perpetual calendar 2017 - 2017 lunisolar calendar indispensable for ch IEC your phone. A trusted partner for both lucky and successful year!

The salient features of the perpetual calendar 2017:

► Home
- Fast Facts daily information
- Quick access to useful features
- inspiring daily with quotations signature
- Snapshot day Yin Yang month
- View a list of important events
- View day zodiac, black director in January

► Calendar day
- View lunar, calendar Ocean
- Show courage, expenditures of the day, month and year
- View now Zodiac
- View the age pulse, information gas, user exodus
- View information on baking sheet date, Moon rider, snow, ...
- Show quotations themed and change daily
- View weather in day and the next day
- beautiful interface with many fun wallpaper

► Calendar event
- Display list of holiday events, anniversary, hospitality Hy
- Creating new events quickly with eye-catching interface
- Search for events by topic
- Links events from Google Calendar and Facebook Events

► Change the date Yin and Yang - Count On
- Change any day from the calendar Ocean to schedule audio and vice versa
- Calculate the distance between two days
- Plus, minus day sound - Ocean

► Culture Vietnam
- traditional customs and festivals during the year
- A collection of rhymes, lullaby
- folk games

► Explore (# ) - See Stars in the year
- Send a greeting card for important occasions during the year
- quotations with over 12 topic
- League dreams
- Horoscope 2017
- Counting down countdown
- View zodiac (Horoscope) daily
- Compass feng shui, Lu Ban feet
- Support Widget lunar calendar, the lunar calendar on the Home screen
- Lich Viet in 2017
- 2017 perpetual calendar watch instantly good and bad
- The 2017 Wall Calendar
- And many other features are perfect!

PPCLINK proud to be the first company to develop the Vietnamese calendar app on mobile, and we continue to upgrade to the more enjoyable. If you have problems using the app, please send feedback to us via email or at the Facebook page [email protected]? Calendar Vietnam - perpetual calendar ?. Thank you to all the contributions and feedback your precious!

► On the grant application Calendar Vietnam

Unlike the previous version, the new version of Calendar Vietnam has added features to create accounts, synchronize data online, connect with Facebook and Google Calendar. So this version request for some rights to the app experience was smooth. We make sure to use the right to get to your purposes can be assured use.

We use the right test, an Internet connection, wifi, running applications to synchronize, new data updated daily. Camera to take pictures right representatives and some personalized features upcoming Calendar Vietnam. Identity permission to connect to Google Calendar accounts.

The description of the rights of Google Play is very complex and misleading caused some people to worry. If you are not signed or agreed to during use Calendar Vietnam, we also can not access your personal information.


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