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Last updated: Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Take Minimalism to the Next Level! *KWGT PRO (ANOTHER PAID APP) REQUIRED!*.

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Minima KWGT - Minimal Widgets app


This app requires KWGT and KWGT PRO(another paid app) in order for the widgets to work! Please do not rate it low if you don't have KWGT PRO!

🔸Welcome to Minima for KWGT!
Take Minimalism to the Next Level with these amazing set of Widgets! In today's world, it's often said that LESS IS MORE, and that is exactly what you will get with the widgets in MINIMA! The widgets will give you all the information you need in an eye pleasing manner without clutter!

🔸Each widget comes with it's own set of Globals which will help you customize the widget to your liking!

🔸Every widget is set perfectly at 100% scaling and it is recommended to keep the scaling at 100% for best results! If the size looks OFF, you can go to the 'Layer' option in KWGT and set the Scale to 100.

🔸How it works:
• Download Minima for KWGT and KWGT PRO apps
• Long tap on your Launcher's homescreen and choose Widget
• Choose KWGT Widget and place it on the homescreen
• Tap on the widget and go to 'Installed packs'
• Find Minima for KWGT and Choose the widget which pleases you
• Enjoy!

What's Included with Minima?
🔸 40 meticulously designed Minimal widgets and many more to come in updates!
🔸 Many types of widgets like Clock widgets, Music widgets, Text based widgets, Search bars all focusing on Minimalism!
🔸 15 Awesome wallpapers which go perfectly with the widgets and more to be added!
🔸 Regular updates Guaranteed!
🔸 The aim is to update the app to at least 150 total widgets.

▶ Frank Monza for his awesome Kustom apps!
▶ Jahir Fiquitva for his Awesome open source Kuper Dashboard!
▶ Logo used in the app icon by Robert Goudappel

Please install and leave a review for the app.

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Minima KWGT - Minimal Widgets APK 1.1.0 Update

🔸 All Widgets are now Duotone Widgets!
🔸 Switch between Light and Dark Widgets with 1 click!
🔸 3 Stunning New Widgets added!
🔸 68 Total Widgets Now!
🔸 5 Awesome New Wallpapers added!
🔸 50 Total Wallpapers Now!

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