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MoCap Pro App allows user to calibrate their glove for motion capturing.
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The description of app by: StretchSense

The StretchSense MoCap Pro App is a partner product for customers who have bought a pair of our Smart Gloves. This app allows you to do more than just extract capacitance data - you are now able to visualize your motion via an avatar in real time, capturing both slow and rapid movements.

This app serves as an introductory demo for showcasing the use of StretchSense technology in digital environments. Download and open the app, then put on the gloves. Follow the tutorial which will walk you through the process of pairing the gloves. Having completed this, you will be ready to begin visualizing your hand motion.


Visualize motion in real-time
Record and save your data
Share your data across multiple platforms.
What's New
Our mocap app for calibrating MoCap Pro Gloves.

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