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The Bible is the set of canonical books of Judaism and Christianity.
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The Bible (Greek τα βιβλία, ta Bible, 'books') is the set of canonical books of Judaism and Christianity. Canonicity of each book varies depending on the adopted tradition. According to Jewish and Christian religions, spread the word of God. The Bible has been translated into 2303 languages ​​

The Bible is a collection of texts that originally were separate documents (called "books"), first written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek for a very long period and then assembled to form the Tanakh (Old Testament for Christians) and then the New Testament. Both Testaments form the Christian Bible. In itself, the texts that make up the Bible were written over approximately 1000 years (between 900 BC. And 100 AD.). The oldest texts found in the Book of Judges ( "Song of Deborah") and the so-called sources? E? (Elohist) and? J? (Jahwist) of the Torah (Pentateuch called by Christians), which are dated to the time of the two kingdoms (X VIII centuries BC.).

The oldest complete book, Hosea is also from the same era. The Jewish people the Bible identifies with the Tanakh, not acquiescing in any way the term Old Testament and does not accept the validity of the so-called New Testament, recognizing only the Tanakh sacred text.
The canon of the Bible we know today was sanctioned by the Catholic Church under Pope Damasus, at the Synod of Rome in 382, ​​and this version is the one that Jerónimo de Estridón translated into Latin. This charge consists of 73 books: 46 constitute the so-called Old Testament, including 7 books called Deuterocanonical currently (Tobit, Judith, Maccabees I, II Maccabees, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus and Baruch) which have been challenged by Jews and Protestants and 27 New Testament. It was confirmed at the Council of Hippo in 393, and ratified on Councils III of Carthage, in 397, and IV of Carthage, in the year 419.

When Protestant Reformers challenged the canon Catholic was again confirmed by decree at the fourth session of the Council of Trent on April 8, 1546. None of these decisions was recognized or assumed by many Protestants emerged from the sixteenth century, or by different denominations related to Protestantism emerged from nineteenth century. The canon of the Orthodox Christian Bibles is even broader than the canon of the Roman Catholic Bibles, including Psalm 151, the Prayer of Manasseh, Book III of Ezra and Book III of the Maccabees. In addition to these, the Book IV of IV Ezra and the Book of Maccabees listed also as appendices in many major versions and editions of the Orthodox Christian Bible.

The Old Testament mainly tells the story of the Jews and the New Testament life, death and resurrection of Jesus, his message and history of the early Christians. The New Testament was written in Koine was Greek. In it it is frequently quoted the Old Testament of the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Old Testament produced at Alexandria (Egypt) in the third century. C.


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