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新概念英语在线学习教程 - 新概念英语第一册到第四册经典英语宝典,每日学习英语mp3口语听力单词 APK icon

新概念英语在线学习教程 - 新概念英语第一册到第四册经典英语宝典,每日学习英语mp3口语听力单词 APK

  • by LLA Apps
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Updated on: Jun 10, 2019
Walkman new concept English, let you learn English easily.
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As the most classic English learning book in the world, New Concept English is deeply favored by English learners with its strict system, rigorous science, exquisite practicality and rich interest.
Focus on the new concept English: text listening, listening, reading and writing, detailed grammar words, all-round improvement of listening and speaking vocabulary:
1. New Concept English Book 1 (Basic Class)
Learning focus: Beginning with 26 English letters, phonetic symbols and intonations, a detailed introduction to various grammar, syntax, lexical and sentence structure knowledge in English. Each text is close to all aspects of current life, and its language is humorous. Each article is accompanied by a comic book with vivid text. It can greatly improve students' interest in learning English, and practicing the first volume is the key to practicing the basic skills of English.

2. New Concept English Book 2 (primary class)
Learning focus: The second volume is a transition, but also a transformation. It enables learners to become a person who can speak the basics of writing from a person who speaks everyday English. It is the very beginning of writing. The second volume uses 96 small stories as materials to cultivate students' basic abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Its advantages are to expand vocabulary, to dictate grammar, to combine practice, to hear and repair . After the study, learners can use the authentic sentence patterns to talk with people, and their writing ability is further improved.

3. New Concept English Book 3 (Enhanced Class)
Learning focus: The third volume of the articles are all original English products. The language is elegant, concise, and the sentences are neat and varied. The textbook focuses on analyzing the inherent logical relationship between sentences, so that learners can recognize the sentence patterns. Refined, beautiful, practical and imitative, so that it can be used organically in English writing; its short-term and English songs will further improve your hearing.

4. New Concept English Book 4 (Advanced Class)
Learning focus: The fourth volume covers more than 30 disciplines such as culture, economy, philosophy, art, sports, politics, aesthetics, etc. The language is exquisite and unique, and the sentence structure is complex and changeable without losing simplicity. At the same time, many articles contain profound philosophical, aesthetic and Western cultural unique ways of thinking. After learning, students will reach a higher level of reading comprehension, listening and translation.

Self-learning English upgrade must! ! !
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