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Play Tag Kung Fu PVP Fight Arena & become Master of World King Karate - Megabite.
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Tag Kung Fu PVP Fight Arena is combination of boxing, karate, kungfu, and wrestling, this latest arcade game is totally free! Download Tag Kung Fu PVP Fight Arena Wrestling Cage Fight Deadly Wargods Grand Immortal Fighting Stars Game Taken 2019 to your android device & get yourself involved in this pragmatic virtual war of deadly zodiac killers.
Acquire the terrific training of Kung Fu in the modern Tag Kung Fu PVP Fight Arena to knock out the assassin and Japanese ninjas while using the mixed martial arts fighting techniques and other powerful skills. Get used to the unique fighting styles of each fighters. These battleborgs have their own superpower moves, learn them in the training mood. Feel the power and strength in your hands, wielding a real fighting machine. It's your time to be the master of kungfu fighters for FREE! Have fun, testing the fighting skills of yourself in the death arena of underground bloodwar. In the sense of real combat game, fighting coherent action is strong, you are presented a visual and sensory double enjoyment, continued passion and blood at the same time. Defeat all the wargods, be the last survivor & win the immortal king title of this virtual killbox.
Underground zodiac killers come to death arena to fight single head2head battle called deathwar. A fighter will do anything to win this killbox & be the Immortal king of this very ancient combat tournament. We welcome you in the ring of fight! the arena of wargods. To win this furious tournament you've to master the art of kick, punches, street fighting, kung fu, karate & MMA fighting. Use the close range combat technique to KO the ninja fighters and become the new kung Fu master of the superhero fight club. Join the karate martial art fight challenges on the various locations across the world. Focus on the opponent's weak point, make your move & attack with your full strength & skills. Pull-off awesome martial art fighting styles such as “Boxing”, “Karate”, “Tae Kwon Do”, “Sumo”, “Drunken Fist”, “Muay Thai” and much more with a simple tap of a button
Reveal your inner fighter in this head2head 3D deathwar game. Play with multiple deadly fighters & challenge others in the duel mode all over the world. Defeat all the wargods in single battle combat mood, unlock new zodiac killer fighters. Prove yourself the king in this ancient immortal godswar.

Discover special features of Tag Kung Fu PVP Fight Arena Wrestling Cage Fight Deadly Wargods Grand Immortal Fighting Stars Game:

⦁ Incredible 3D & 2D graphics will give you the quality visual experience.
⦁ Amazing deathwar mood sound effects.
⦁ Different stages of death arena all over the world.
⦁ Multiple zodiac killer characters in the game play.
⦁ Win each single battle in combat mood to unlock more powerful ancient battleborgs.
⦁ Real Legends Tag Kung Fu Fight Arena Wrestling Cage Fight Deadly Wargods Grand Immortal Fighting Stars Game is completely free.
⦁ Endless action in the bloodwar story mode.
⦁ You don't need any special skills to be the last survivor in this game. Just cool your nerves & be fast with your fingers.
⦁ Great story line to lure you into this ancient combat game & reveal your inner zodiac killer.

How to be the legendary king of deathwar:

⦁ Start with training mode. Select your own fighter among unlocked battleborgs & select your desired death arena.
⦁ Each fighter has its own superpower & combo attack styles.
⦁ Master the art of combo attacks. You need them much more than any skill to become the ultimate last survivor of underground bloodwar.
⦁ Get into duel mode, select your man & engage in head2head bloodwar.
⦁ Win many single battle killbox in the death arena & earn more coins.
⦁ Unlock new combat fighters, get into the story mood select your best killer & start fighting.
⦁ Defeat 5 immortal fighters in head2head killbox to unlock duel tournament mode.
⦁ Defeat all battleborgs worldwide to earn more coins.
⦁ Keep wining to remain the immortal king of underground bloodwar.


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