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Commanders, your Fort is ready, craft your own tanks for Fierce Online Battles!.
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The description of app by: タンクワールド

- Craft Dream Troop with REAL TANKs

T-59 Medium Tank, 183mm Tank Buster, Panther Tank ... All classic and powerful tanks of decades are all here! You can craft your own dream troops with them, and gear them to boost your combat power.Deep Tank evolve system will Help you explore further in the map.


- Organized Building and Research System

Deploy and upgrade the buildings in your base, allocate the resource for better research so to strengthen Your


- Storm the Battlefields of Historic Wars

Battlefields from Historic Wars are all here, you can defend, dominate the territory from various geographical zones, whether it’s from the Middle East or other parts in the world. March in the stage map and storm the battles taking place in countries.

- Plunder Resource across World Map

The resource is sporadically located in the world. You can snatch the rare ones from your opponents as well. The more resource you own, the more possibility you can exert to power up your troops. Do not forget to Guard your base also.


- Legion System for Strategic Group Wars

Fight for the honor of the Legion! Legion System here allows you and your teammates to obtain more buffs in Tech Lobby, which supports your Legion in the Group Wars requires Strategy and Strength. Group your friends, legiou up, fire at enemies, and lead Your legion to victory.
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