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necessary mastery of the techniques of survival,

Thus the need mastery of survival techniques, including techniques to create a fire, make a shelter techniques, techniques to create trap, a technique to get water, techniques to create a trail and signs.
Preparations for the bad situation is simple. Before the trip, at least not all self-rescue equipment is standard could be prepared.
This time we will discuss one of the most important techniques that everyone must have the traveler's bad when facing unexpected situations, namely survival (survival technique).

For example, if it will be boating across the river or the sea, set up buoys adequate. "Do not underestimate the standard tools! Because this is our life hangers if something happens ". In traveling we have to prepare the private provision, especially survival equipment (Survival Kit), should also be adequate. Small items that are vital to be provided such as a flashlight, a lighter, a small folding knife, sewing equipment, whistle, wet wipes, P3K supplies, medicines, and so forth. Although the journey felt to be too much, make it a habit always bring food and drinks reserves. Once everything is ready, place equipment and supplies earlier into a container or bag that is eligible, as is quite lightweight, strong and waterproof. Make a distinction between the container was in a bag or other goods, to be easily recognizable. Place also in runag an accessible, lest we confuse must prioritize which items are to be saved when the crash.
The weather was changeable, tough terrain, unexpected accidents, lost lost, and many more things that can be inhibiting our journey to reach the destination.

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