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Lace does not have to be just a decoration on some piece of clothing, it can decorate your pots. With help of lace, with adhesive and little effort you will have new, delicate and beautiful flower pots.

The spring came and already gardens, trees and parks have been colored in magnificently green. I love that green! I love that spring! Kinda like that when I wake up and get a new, fresh, vital energy. The first flowers a long time ago started to decorate our gardens and balconies, such as snowdrops, hyacinths, violets, but slowly being replaced by those of the long-term and that will bloom all summer. With the first rays of the sun and the hint that spring arrived, I deeply believe that all of us, ladies, but and men of course, hurried to the market and in flower shops to buy favorite flowers that will plant in a pot.

Here are ideas for pots that can be a beautiful decoration of each home and garden!

Pretty lace flower pots

Little imagination is needed to your ordinary, monochromatic and boring pots with the help of paint convert into interesting ornament of your garden.

Painted Pot Herb Garden

Today are very popular plastic pots. They had a great application, however, clay and plaster pots are much nicer and more elegant. They will give your room a touch of elegance.

DIY: Flower Pot Makeover

You can paint the pots by pulling on them the lace or some interesting material and then apply spray, for example. When you take the lace, there will remain patterns as lace.

DIY Airbrushed Lacy Flower Pots

On an ordinary metal or wooden bucket, put the tile adhesive or mortar drip on them to stick pebbles or broken tiles.

The Rocky Bucket

Flowers are a very beautiful decoration of any home, it gives him life and warmth. Thin wooden sticks here are creatively used for coating ordinary and boring pots.

Yarn-Wrapped Flower Pots

Flowers are an essential detail that every little private paradise must contain. On your pots can print the most diverse motivational messages or a dedicated. Here’s an idea how the crayon used for that purpose!
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