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This portable pet bed is perfect for the car, an office dog or an overnight trip.


hot glue gun
sewing machine and black thread


picnic basket with handles
(1) pillow case or pillow coverlet
(1) plastic tablecloth
stuffing or scrap material for bedding
(1) yard of mesh material for the cover
wooden craft letters (dog's name)
(1) small safety pin
1/2" elastic


This portable pet carrier is easy to make and doesn't cost a lot in materials. The mesh top is removable so the basket can be used for an outing or at home as a pet bed.

Step 1

Make a Water-Resistant Basket Liner

Fold a plastic tablecloth in half and lay it on your workspace. Place the basket upside down on top of the tablecloth and use a pen to mark the size of the basket on the tablecloth. Cut the tablecloth (double-sided) at least 3 inches larger than the marking to allow for the seam and stuffing. Sew the two pieces together almost all the way; leave an opening to add the stuffing. Then sew that last piece together.

Step 2

Stuff Liner

Add stuffing or bedding scraps to water-proof liner. Sew closed. Add a pillowcase or coverlet to make it more comfortable.

Step 3

Decorate the Basket

We choose to hot glue wood letters to the side of the basket to spell the dog's name. You can paint the basket or embellish with ribbon — or leave as-is.

Step 4

Make Mesh Cover

Cut a piece of screen material large enough to go over the basket handles and halfway down the sides of the basket. Cut the corners the shape of the basket. Sew a seam all the way around the material large enough to allow the elastic to slide through. Leave a small section open to straight pulling the elastic through with a safety pin.

Step 5

Fit the Mesh Cover

Make sure the cover fits snuggly over the basket, then sew the ends of the elastic together and sew up the rest of the seam.

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