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  • by cong chen
  • Version: 1.0.4
  • Updated on: Jul 28, 2019
"The Miracle Seals", which legends come to the world, the gods of the gods.
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The description of app by: cong chen

"The Miracle Seal" is a brand new innovative placement card game. The game inherits the excellent features of the placement class, fragmenting time, and relaxing. At the same time, it amplifies the characteristics of the strategy of card game training, combined with China's excellent ancient mythology background, exquisite original painting, Q Meng battle form, unique story background, let the players love it after playing.

In the first year of the ancient times, Hongjun was born by the Tao.

Hongjun accepted three disciples as [Yuan Shi Tian Zun], [Tong Tian Jiao Zhu], [Tai Shang Lao Jun]. The three disciples worked together for thousands of years to promote each other and accept the baptism of the Tao. .

Yuan Shi Tian Zun refines the mixed yuan beads into two pearls and magic pills. It should have been the reincarnation of Lingzhu. Because the mistakes of Taiyi real people were born by the magic pill, they were born to be the devil.
The parents did not abandon him because he was the devil. With the help of the real people of Taiyi, he hoped that he could learn the skills and kill the people, but he was not reconciled by the Chen Tanguan people.
During the period, he met the son of the Dragon King and became the only friend of each other.
In the face of people's misunderstandings and the advent of the thunder, the devils who lived in the devil did not succumb to the fate arrangement, and finally saved the people by their own efforts.
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