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Last updated: Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Create chemical labels for containers with required HAZCOM label elements.

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Label Creating app

Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) through proper chemical labeling is essential to workplace safety.

All hazardous chemical containers in the workplace must be labeled. This includes secondary containers into which chemicals have been transferred from the shipped container (e.g. fuels, oils, paints, lacquers). If the secondary container of a hazardous chemical does not have a label, it must be labeled immediately and accurately to ensure workers are readily aware of the contents and understand the hazards/health risks.

Workers and businesses will be able to maintain safe and compliant work spaces with this chemical label design tool that features the ability to: Easily create, print and store chemical labels for immediate or secondary containers that contains all of the Hazard Communication required label elements including: Name, Address and Telephone Number; Product Identifier; Signal Word; Hazard Statement(s); Precautionary Statement(s); Pictogram(s) and any necessary supplemental information.
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Label Creating
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