Last updated: February 2023

Kooyu is an endless adventure, tap-tap game.

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Kooyu - Endless Adventure game

Kooyu - Endless Adventure, Tapping game

Kooyu is an endless adventure, tap-tap game. Fly high with the ultimate bird adventure! In this thrilling game, take control of your favorite bird and soar through the skies, berries and power-ups while avoiding obstacles. With intuitive controls, stunning graphics, and addictive gameplay, Bird Game is the perfect choice for casual gamers and bird enthusiasts alike
Dive into the wonderful verse of Kooyu.


- Visuals: Stunning 2D graphics, Addictive and challenging gameplay
- Pleasant Music/sounds: Enjoy & experience soothing music and sound effects.
- Collectibles: Watch out for berries, collect them to boost your score. (more collectibles more things, etc. coming in future updates)
- Powerups: Collect Magnet powerup, to attract more berries. (more powerups coming in future updates)
- Character selection: Choose from wonderful variety of fantasy birds, play with your favorite ones. (more characters will be adding in every updates)

Controls (How to play):

- Tap-Tap controls : Tap to fly up and release to glide down, don't let it fall and help the bird keep flying, very easy to play.
- Obstacles: watch out for obstacles, dodge them to continue and score more.
Test your skills and see how far you can fly.

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Kooyu - Endless Adventure APK 1.0.5 Update

Some Graphical changes and performance improvements

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Feb 27, 2023
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Jan 27, 2023
Kooyu - Endless Adventure
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