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Last updated: Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Nhat Contemplation City FairyTieu Dao Thien Ha!.

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After completing the pre-registration on Google, you can get Avatar frame SSR-Duc Do and Than Binh SR Long Uyen, super high combat power helps you increase jump in the early stages!
Head over to the official Event page to pre-register and stand a chance to win an Exclusive Game Store, iPhone14, PS5 and more!

Teacher, not very tired? no, no, no, come to "Thien Kiem Ky Duyen" to experience a new feeling of cultivation! No need to manipulate and AFK when fighting monsters with BOSS, offline can also get many resources, online directly upgrade and break through easily, unique system such as sea monster, unicorn god hand, transform, also reveal dark mecha, super space collision, experience the most special spiritual journey in the whole network!

Game Features

●Idle easy, AFK to fairy
Real-time AFK Harvest, cultivate immortality without plowing, easy and fast to achieve success!
Free your hands, even if you are offline, you can also receive a lot of resources, online, you can fly to the great god, never because of time to miss a game that affects your battle strength, use your free time to play games comfortable, games and work are not missed

●Skills to cultivate, strength to compete
Rich magical skills, combining and combining to create new ways of playing, the light touch of the finger and the battlefield changes!
Dozens of amazing techniques, explosive effects, for skills of well-researched combinations, constantly unlocking and breaking through the plot, nearly hundreds of skill types are activated, dealing with BOSS without haste, Exploring the battlefields of the fairy world.

●Make a team, build a fairy together
Rich gameplay PVE, PVP, challenge the limit of personal combat power, who can protect the last honor!
Carrying out predestined marriages with the immortals, wandering in the world of immortals; summon masters to form a battle team, sweep the battlefield, defeat the last BOSS to share treasures; with friends to create a fairy to dominate all Sv.

●Full-stack, fullscreen high-level devices are all red devices not mortise!
Advanced equipment, gems paired with 1 touch, can not lose to inherit fortification progress, all are superior equipment!
Win VIP easily on the first day, get exclusive package and Harvest Bonus; struggling at Dao Nguyen Tri, can even fish by yourself, get BUFF acceleration, get double scenery!

●Contact Us
Follow our official page for more activities and news, interact with friends to win big prizes!
If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us. Contact mail:
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