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90-Day Diet Meal Plan Challenge - 90-Day Diet Lose Weight.
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The description of app by: TON GIAT PENG

90 Day Diet Pro - Lose Weight | If you strictly follow this diet, you will lose excess weight and speed up your metabolism, but, more importantly, you won't gain the weight back.

This application is based on the 90 Day Diet and will organize the way you eat so you can achieve your long-term weight goals. The main idea of the diet is the selective/separate eating, which means not mixing different kind of food (proteins, starches, carbohydrates and fruits).

The 90-Day Diet Meal Plan is strict. It relies on the so called “Carbohydrate cycling”, i.e. rotation of the food according to its carbohydrates content. Proteins are to be consumed throughout the first day of the cycle, starch on the second, carbohydrates on the third and vitamins on the fourth. The cycle is then repeated. It is important to observe the sequence of days, so if you happen to break from dieting, adhere to the same sequence when you resume it.

Apart from the above listed types of days, every 29-th day is a Water day, i.e. only water, tea and/or coffee (without any sweeteners, milk or cream) may be consumed. Some people reduce their weight by up to 2 kg after a Water day, but it is very likely to regain the weight during the next couple of days. You should not be worried, because the Water days are generally not intended for weight loss, but for body detoxification.

Acquaint yourself with the 90-Day Diet Meal Plan and the nutrition rules` details of each day type:

1st day: Protein day
2nd day: Starch day
3rd day: Carbs day
4th day: Vitamin day
29th day: Water day

You can learn more about the digestion phases from the article below. You will find out how to calculate when a certain phase ends and when the next one begins, so that you could chose the best time for lunch and dinner.

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