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A popular high quality synthetic placement game!.
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The description of app by: Bonnie Hackney

Departure, the goal is to get the highest level of armor!
Join your friends on the magical journey of “Arkanoid” and lead your armored team into the traditional and classic small game field, against the bricks that come in step by step!
Main tips: I am not a tower defense! Not even a brick!

Game features:

1. No need to operate placement games
Send your armored team and your armor will fight for you automatically!
Easily wait for more power and supreme armor!
Even if you are offline, you will get a generous reward!

2. Its infinite strategic
More than 50 different levels of armor are waiting for you to synthesize!
Different attack effects, different shooting strategies, let you experience different bricks!
Exploring the rare currency in the secret world and greatly enhancing your combat effectiveness!
Enjoy the fun of the game with ease and ease!

3. Rich game content
Placement, automatic shooting, manual tuning, secret exploration, collection, synthesis!
Daily challenges, step ups!
Endless exciting content waiting for you to experience!

4. Pinnacle
Join the challenge of the segment and keep climbing to challenge your limits!
Invade the highest glory of the strongest king and win the strongest badge that belongs to you!

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