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Last updated: Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Online platform for teachers worldwide to reach their students.

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TutorNex is an online platform for tutors worldwide to reach their students and deliver quality education in an interactive, seamless and engaging way.

Our tagline reads – Reach, Teach, Engage – and we let you do exactly that by helping you reach out to more students who are looking to learn, teach them in accordance with your pre-designed pedagogy, coach them according to their learning needs, mentor them the way they want, and engage them through quality education and learning content.

With TutorNex, you can build an online teaching or tutoring program, consisting of all the live sessions and subject material that you want to share with your student base. With TutorNex, you can add as many course offerings as you want, give them a professional feel and look, deliver them in live class, video, audio, image and/or text formats, monitor your program's performance and add more students to your courses.

Teach & Engage with your students now on TutorNex and enjoy -
* Unlimited Live Classes
* Unlimited Pre-recorded videos
* Unlimited Quizzes
* Unlimited Notes

Powerful Features of TutorNex includes
-> Live classes, easy access
Schedule / conduct live interactive classes across formats and give access to students
-> Media-rich learning
Publish and share content across a variety of formats – live, video, audio, image, text
-> Quick revision & notes
Summarize key points of all your live lectures / content and share with the students
-> Easy Notifications
Create notifications about scheduled live classes and tasks, and notify your students too
-> Tests & quizzes
Evaluate what students have learnt by administering custom-designed tests and quizzes
-> Monitor performance
Track the progress of your students in learning, and monitor their performance in tests
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TutorNex APK 1.0.3 Update

General Updates and bug fixes

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Apr 28, 2021
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Sep 2, 2020
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