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Rich Celenza

When you’re in need of something you need!

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If you need help or love helping others, then the U around app is for you! 
U around gives you the opportunity to send out and receive important notifications,
reaching out to friends, family members or colleagues through your phone at a time of
need. Members will instantly be notified to discuss what your needs are, where you are
and how they can help. Likewise, you can help others out when it’s their turn to need
assistance of some kind. 


Download the U around app, become a member and create your own personal contact
list of your most trusted family members, friends and colleagues. It’s that simple. This
app is not intended to be used to send out personal messages or for correspondence
with anyone personally on a regular basis. You only correspond with someone
individually once the need occurs and the notification is sent out and someone
Once a notification is sent out, all your contacts are immediately notified, and anyone
who has been notified has the option of messaging you back at their convenience.
Regardless how you use the app you always have the freedom to be able to make
yourself available, or not, as far as sending out and receiving notifications are
People often find themselves alone and in need of help, but at the same time they don’t
feel like bothering anyone. But with this app, members know firsthand that this is used
for helping one another, so there is no need to feel guilty when reaching out. A lot of
people love helping other people, but are not always aware of situations where a family
member or friend is in need of help. They are also not always aware of the time scale of
when that help is needed, but with this app you can know in an instant. 
U around also works in more serious situations, for example when someone feels
uncomfortable in their surroundings and needs a companion or someone to check up on
them. It’s useful when you need someone to come meet you to follow you in your car or
walk you back to your home, apartment or dorm room to make sure you get in safely.
It’s ideal for situations where you need to go somewhere by yourself and don’t have
access to a cab or other mode of transportation. 
This app is also great for anyone in need of assistance in their home, if they need
something fixed or moved, or the driveway cleared of snow, for example. It can also be
used if you are not feeling good and just need someone to check in on you, or give you
a ride to the doctor.
The app can also be used to help one another even if you’re not around in the area you
need help in. For instance, if you need help getting something done locally and you’re
out of town or working somewhere remote - this is the app for you.
U around is not responsible for a successful outcome of any situation, nor does it
guarantee that anyone will respond once a notification is sent out. All interactions will
consist of private messages between the person who sent out the notification and the
person or person(s) who have responded.Just because someone responds to
someone’s notification it doesn’t mean that they are obligated to help them. The final
decision to help anyone (or accept help from anyone) is strictly up to the persons
interacting as a result of the notification. 
U around can also be used for donating items that are no longer needed. If you are in
need of a specific item, you can send out a notification to your contacts to see if anyone
has it. If you have an item you would like to donate, you can send out a notification of
what you have to offer to one or as many of your contacts as you wish. 
The app can also work when traveling but you must be at least 18 years old to use it. 
 U around is not intended for use in an emergency situation, or in place of 911.

Category: Communication , Similar

Date published: Jan 02, 2018

Current version: 1.1

Requires android: 4.4 and up

Content rating: Everyone