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MarinersApp Specially Designed For Mariners Available on Android And IOS.

MarinersApp is a free mobile application designed for the use of seafarers & other users out at land available in Android & iOS version of smart phones which provides various useful information related to Seafarers & Shipping Industry.

Why Use MarinersApp:

• ​NO FEES:​​ MarinersApp uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and chat with Users of MarinersApp, so that you can get direct updated information related to your queries.* There is no subscription fee to use MarinersApp.

•​ NRI TIME CALCULATOR: ​​Total number of NRE days completed by a seafarer in a financial year can be calculated by just entering the dates into this section.
•​ SEATIME CALCULATOR: ​​Total number of Sea time days completed by a seafarer can be calculated by just entering the dates into this section.

• ​DOCUMENT MANAGER: ​​All important documents can be uploaded & downloaded in this section at any time by a user​.
• ​FORUM:​​ You can discuss and enquire on all topics related to seafarers & shipping industry in this Section.

• MARITIME COLLEGES: ​​Information related to courses available & contact details of various Maritime Colleges can be accessed easily from this section.

• MARITIME COURSES: ​​Information related to Institutions offering various courses & Duration of each course can be​ ​​accessed easily from this section.

• SHIPPING COMPANIES: ​​Information & contact details related to various shipping companies can be​ ​​accessed easily from this section.

• VARIOUS CIRCULARS: ​​Details of various important circulars & information related to seafarers & shipping industries are available in this section.
• MARITIME BOOK STORES: ​​Address & contact details of all maritime book stores in India are available in this section.

• DG APPROVED MEDICAL DOCTORS: ​​Address & contact details of all DG Approved Medical Doctors are available in this section.

• YELLOW FEVER VACCINATION CENTER: ​​Address & contact details of all Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres are available in this section.

• LIST OF PUBLICATIONS: ​​Detailed information of various books & publications are available in this section.

• MUI/NUSI CONTACT DETAILS: ​​Address & contact details of all MUI/NUSI Centres are available in this section.

• PASSPORT OFFICES: ​​Address & contact details of all Passport Offices are available in this section.

• MARCANTILE MARINE DEPARTMENTS: ​​Details of all MMDs available in India are given in this section.

• IMPORTANT WEBSITE LINKS: ​​List of various website links are available in this section which are frequently being used by seafarers.

• ​ALWAYS LOGGED IN:​​ With MarinersApp, you are always logged in so you do not miss any important update related to forum section.

•​ OFFLINE ACCESS:​​ Most of the features of the application can be used without internet also i.e in offline mode.

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