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Last updated: Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Be a forest home mouse & grow your virtual family in animal simulator game.

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Wild Mouse Family Sim 3D game

Entertain yourself in astonishing Wild Mouse Family Simulator 3D Game adventure, be a wild mouse or virtual mouse of animal family games or mouse games. In this animal survival game, perform all jungle survival activities to raise a mouse family in a wild jungle forest house environment. In this mouse simulator game, enjoy the animal life simulator where you will find a mate to start a family and raise the dangerous predator's family with care. Enjoy Wild Mouse Family Simulator 3D Game adventure, perform all exciting wild jungle survival or forest house survival activities include ants hunting or finding food in the jungle or forest house protecting mouse family from dangerous animals of animal zoo games. In this mouse simulator game, move around the wild jungle and survive with lot of fun & excitement.

In Wild Mouse Family Simulator 3D Games adventure, get engaged in beautifully designed jungle environment, also experience realistic ultimate mouse family life or jungle predator family life as virtual mouse from family games also mouse games including raising your mouse family also protecting them from dangerous animals attacks from animal zoo games with lot excitement & thrill. Are you fan of playing animal family games or animal survival games then this forest house mouse game will fulfill your requirement. Entertain yourself in this animal family game, raise your mouse family utilizing realistic animal simulator of mouse survival simulator games & perform all survival activities to protect your virtual family.


- Innovative 3D HD graphics with mouse family animations of animal family games.
- Amazing sounds & virtual mouse sim effects from virtual family games.
- Highly customized engaging levels of wild games.
- Highly engaging virtual animal games based play mode from mouse games.
- Customized controls for movements in 3d jungle from animal games.
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Jan 12, 2023
Wild Mouse Family Sim 3D
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