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Last updated: Friday, April 1, 2022

a friend that wishes the very best (and worst) for you!.

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(un)politeBot app

A bot that will always be there for you when you need them most, a bot that looks out for you, a bot that appraises you, a bot that takes care of your mental health, a bot that loves you. Your newest best-friend!, (un)politeBot :)

...or, with the switch of a button, your greatest enemy. A bot that degrades(???) you, a bot that mocks you, a bot that constantly prays on your downfall, a bot that reminds you of your biggest flaws. Your greatest enemy.

maybe you're having a bad day and need reminders that everything is going to be okay.
maybe you need to be humbled and need a friend to consistently put you in your place.
maybe you want to set up your own list of phrases to be notified of positive affirmations throughout your day.
maybe you have no friends and want to simulate what it would be like receiving random messages.

this (virtual robot) friend is designed for any of those functions, so lean on it when you need it most! :)

secret function!
if you're interested in affirmations, try typing "affirmations" into the "custom phrases" prompt. this acts as a code that automatically generates a list of positive affirmations for you.
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(un)politeBot APK 2.0 Update

first official release! woo!

i hope you enjoy my app. i've spent a lot of energy, love and time on it <3
if you have any question you can contact me here: malgow@malgow.net
or visit my site: https://malgow.net/
app specific web page: https://malgow.net/(un)politeBot

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