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Dangdut Drum kit NEW 2018

Drum Gendang dangdut koplo modified drum
Drum Gendang Classic And Drum Hip-Hop Drum.

Drum Gendang Dangdut Koplo Is drum / drum which is often used for Dangdut Music Companion in Indonesia Gendang in gamelan of Central Java and West Java which is one of the main functions of rhythm.

This instrument is sounded by hand, without tools. Type of drum that is ketipung, ciblon / kebar drum. Another pair of ketipung called Gedang Gendang called kendang kalih.

Drum Gendang Dangdut Koplo is sometimes played on songs or drums of subtle characters like ketawang, kalhuk kalih drum, and rhythm ladrang dadi. Can also be played quickly at the opening of the song type lancaran, rhythm ladrang responsibility. For wayangan there is another kendhang typical of Gekang kosek.
Kendang or Dangdut Koplo drums mostly played by professional players Kendang, who have long entered into the Javanese culture. Kendang mostly played according to instinct riders, so that when played by one person with others it will be different nuances.

Well now present Gendang Dangdut Koplo Simulator or Gang Dangdut Koplo in the android version that can be downloaded "FREE" is perfect for you who like the song Dangdut in Indonesia while in Iringi Gendang Dangdut Koplo.
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