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give you ideas to make something special for your love

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Valentine's Day in a moment. You can celebrate with the kids by creating various valentine-themed creations.
Take advantage of used goods around you to accompany your little work. There are many creations that can be tried at home, without even having to wait for Valentine's celebration to arrive.
1. Love Stamp
Do not dispose of your used tissue paper. Take advantage of the middle part on the former tissue rolls to make a love stamp.
It's easy. Bend the former tissue rolls to heart shape. Then, attach the love-shaped edges to the paint. Can use watercolors, walls, or other types of paint.
Paste the love form on white paper. Let him work with his love stamp.
2. Confidence of love
Know confetti? Small pieces of paper that are usually spread during the party. Now, with a bit of variety, we can create a Valentine edition.
First, prepare the confetti. You can use any waste paper of any colorful origin.
Second, prepare a piece of paper. Fold the paper in half. Scissure to shaped love. It takes at least two sheets of paper to make a confetti of love.
Third, glue the edge of the paper shaped love, before closed tightly, enter confeti as much as the child wants. Origin of the edge of his love paper can still be glued, no matter want to enter Koneti as much as anything.
Fourth, spit! During the party, you and your child just tear the love-shaped paper. Then the confetti will be scattered everywhere.
3. Crayon love
Prepare the following ingredients:
Crayon traces
The cooking pan shaped love
How to make
Separate the color of the crayon according to the color group.
Oven up to 250 degrees centigrade. Bake up to 20 minutes.
Let the crayons dry in the mold. Do not grab crayons while still wet.
Lift the crayon from the mold. Then paste in colored cartons as a Valentine card decoration.
Valentine's card made by the little one ready to be circulated to the people closest.
4. Seals from potatoes
Prepare the following ingredients:
How to be creative:
Cut one potato into two pieces. Draw the center of the potato with a marker, a heart symbol. Help your child to cut the potatoes so that the liver portion of the potato can be printed.
Prepare the paint inside the container. Tap the potatoes that the heart has formed in the paint. Then, you can direct the child to print the potato on a piece of paper.
You can also invite Children to print other form stamp according to taste.
5. Paper clip
This paperclip is useful as an ornament in a valentine card to be distributed to the nearest relative. The little one can make it in a simple way.
Here's the ingredients:
Glue shot / glue candle
Valentine card square
Sewing tools
How to make:
Draw a small heart shape on a felt sheet using a bolpoint, making sure the cloth used is small and has been cut in small rectangles.
Love-shaped scissors. For one clip, it takes two pieces of love shaped fabric.
Sew the heart of the felt with a bastard stick, sew one side only.
Heat glue shot / glue wax. If it is, glue the piece of heart-shaped fabric and paste it on the tip of the tongs. Dry the glue.
Put the heart shape tongs in the card as an ornament.
Valentine cards ready to share
Hope this application can help you to get an idea for someone who is very meaningful to you. thank you

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Date published: May 03, 2017

Current version: 1.0

Requires android: 2.3

Content rating: Everyone