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Using available tools and resources you need to expand and build a civilization.
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The description of app by: Vesuvius

My Little Precious Planet is an engaging game combining exploration, mining, and strategy. In My Little Precious Planet you start with a spaceship, a handful of resources, and a couple workers on a random planet. Using available tools and resources you need to expand and build a civilization, that will be able to transform the planet and move even further to other worlds.

There are host of challenges that players can take on including additional objectives to complete beyond simply building a civilization. Leveling unlocks more advanced building types to construct and you can upgrade existing structures to their more advanced version. Once you level up your planet you can do tremendous amount of stuff: start checking out the solar system at large, conquer other planets, etc.

You can lead a total of 16 animalistic species. Each species sports its own starting tech and bonuses for finding or producing a specific resource.

Game Features:
- Rewarding strategy experience
- Spacefaring empire expansion simulations
- Intuitive control scheme
- 16 animalistic species
- 15 different modes of play


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