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This application is used to connect buyers and sellers through agents.
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The description of app by: INSCUBE

Ah, the description. If the purpose of app title/icon is to bring visitors to your app page, the purpose of the app description is to convert them into users. So it is very important for converting visitors to users but also for ASO. Google Play will crunch the content in your description and if it contains keywords that are in sync with your title and an overall focus on your particular niche, you’ll most likely get better ranking for it. Don’t overdo it as you’ll fall in the other extreme of having a spammy description. Just 3-4 occurrences of the main keyword in a 2000 character description is enough. The balance here is having a description that also convinces your app page visitors that the app is worthy of being installed. That’s why, for readability purposes, I believe a list is mandatory in a description. Our eyes focus automatically on visual elements so list item bullets will be the next thing they’re eyes focus on. Plus, given that most Unicode characters are accepted in a description, you can use various icon types for the bullets. Lastly I always think it’s good to have social networking links mentioned at the end of the description. This gives users an informal discussion section compared to leaving a (possibly)

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