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Let’s all celebrate the fact that we finally learned how to get the tilde over the n in piñata. It’s the little things, guys.


white cardstock (or thin cardboard i.e. a cereal box, if you want to fill them with candy)
computer & printer
Scotch tape
glue stick
tissue paper

- Print out this download and cut along the solid lines. Then, make creases along all of the dotted lines. (Note: If you want to fill your piñatas with candy, you’ll need to trace the template onto the cardboard. Use a ruler and pencil to draw in the dotted lines and crease along them.)

- Using small pieces of tape, join the two edges of the bottom of the gem.

- Tape the small pieces at the top of the gem together.

- Tape the top of the gem down on all sides. If you want candy in your piñata, here’s where you should fill ‘er up. Also, if you’d like to hang your piñatas seamlessly (that is, without taping the twine to the top like I did) follow the step below that outlines covering the top of the gem with tissue paper. Then, punch a small hole in the top, string the twine through, and knot it firmly on the inside. Then tape down the top of the gem.

- Cut out the extra heptagon (woah, fancy algebra word) and trace it onto a piece of tissue paper. Cut it out and use the glue stick to adhere it to the top of the gem.

- Cut strips of tissue approximately 3/4″ wide, and fringe it.

- Working on one facet of the gem and starting at the bottom, glue on strips of fringe unti you’ve reached the top. Trim the edges so that they’re clean.

- Repeat this process on all 7 sides.

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