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  • by Gheftord
  • Version: 1.0
  • Updated on: Dec 26, 2017
Do you want Weave African Hairstyles? Find only in this app!.
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Weave African Hairstyles

Do you want Weave African Hairstyles? Find only in this app!

Hair is a beauty for a woman. Hairstyles determine the beauty of a woman. In Africa many have Weave African Hairstyles. They are very difficult to maintain healthy hair to look healthy. Because of that women in Africa spend a lot of money to go to the salon just to take care of their hair.
Here I will give tips on how to treat Weave African Hairstyles that you can do at home.
• Avoid using shampoo
Shampoos can contain sulfate, a foam-producing detergent that keeps hair dry. Though the wavy hair tends to dry even fragile. Wear a non-sulfate-containing shampoo, followed by the use of a conditional conditioner. Shampoo free from sulphate is not foaming, but does not make your hair dry like a regular shampoo. After shampooing do not rub hair with a towel so your hair texture is not messy. Simply tap the towel gently toward the wet hair to absorb it.

• Do not frequent shampooing
Even if you use a shampoo that does not use sulphate, you should limit the use of shampoo by shampooing once or twice a week so that your wavy hair does not grow dry. If it's hard, just give shampoo to your scalp only. When rinsed, shampoo will come down to the end of your hair. After shampooing use condisioner and when hair full of hair comb conditionaler slowly. Rinse hair and dry without using hairdryer.

• Do not use hairdryer
Blowing wind from hairdryer will make your hair's corrugated texture will fall apart. But if you want to use a hairdryer, use a funnel-shaped diffuser mounted on the end of hairdryer. This makes the wind gusts from the hairdryer will be soft so it will keep the hair neat.

• Avoid hairdressing products that use silicone
The addition of silicone in hair products does make hair look more shiny. But actually this material is not recommended. Because it will close the outer layer of hair so that the moisture is not able to penetrate up to the hair cortex. As a result will make your hair wavy will be more dry.

• Do not blow too often
If we use it only once, actually blow hair is allowed. However, if you do it every time we wash the hair will add your hair dry and damaged.

• Treat gently during sleep
Before bed the wavy hair looks beautiful, but when you wake up your hair turns into fluffy and messy. This happens because when sleeping your hair rubbing against the pillow. To keep hair beautiful, use a slippery pillowcase like satin or silk.

Those are tips on how to keep your bumpy hair style, hopefully these tips are useful.
• This free app can be downloaded on google playstore
• the application capacity is not too large so you still have plenty of space for your phone memory
• no need to use internet connection when you use this application

Come get the Weave African Hairstyles app on your phone and do not forget to rate this app

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