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Last updated: Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Wood Block Puzzle Game. Cube Block Slide. Classic Woody Blocks. Train the Brain!.

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Wooden Slider - Block Puzzle game

Woody block puzzle brain game. Do you like wood games? This Wooden Slider is a perfect match to solve! The brain teaser is a brand new sliding and sorting brain twister with a stylish interface, challenging and relaxing at the same time.

Fill the gaps with free wooden blocks to form a line and clear it off the board. Test your IQ and logic skills while playing this cube puzzles game. Sharpen your mind and master your thinking with this free wood cube puzzle game. No rush - there's no time limit, so you can sort those woodoku blocks at your own pace.


  • Cube Block Slider of different forms to make a filled line and erase it off the woodoku board;

  • The main goal is to keep the board clear, so don't let the tiles approach the top!

  • Use the lower thin line as a hint - it shows you what's coming next;

  • If you're lost, wait a bit: the hint will help you out;

  • Combine special thunder tiles with the regular ones to activate the booster and blow off more lines;

  • Watch out for the frozen tiles! They will need another line to be erased.


  • Classic style wooden cube graphics to enjoy;

  • Satisfying ASMR while you are sliding blocks and solve puzzles;

  • Test your IQ and logic skills;

  • Free to play woodoku: no charge, start as you go!

  • No time limit - plan your next move as long as you need;

  • Truly addictive sorting level game to keep you puzzled and entertained for hours;

  • Amazing special effects with thunder and frozen tiles - it gets tricky!

  • Woody block puzzle brain game is one of those classic wood games for adults. We're sure our brain twister will give you that special brain teaser vibe of free sliding puzzles game to solve! Test your IQ and logic skills! Enjoy our new cube slider wood puzzle game!

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    Wooden Slider - Block Puzzle APK 1.0.4 Update

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