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Pedometer walk counter APK

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Pedometer walk counter counts steps, heart beat and burn calories.

Pedometer walk counter
Pedometer walk counter is made for every type of peoples who wants to count number of steps automatically. Basic idea behind this pedometer app is to provide a new and unique way for step counting. You did not need to count number of steps manually. This step counter app will be helpful for you to count it.
This smart pedometer app is really simple and has perfect way to perform counting. You just simply need to put related information’s and left the rest of job for this pedometer app.
This is really a cool app for fitness purpose. It provides an advance and new way to lose weight and remain fit. Now you don’t need to count steps just focus on your walk and reduce weight.
It is a best jogging app and it provides new way to reduce weight and remain fit. It is a fabulous, useful and beneficial app for daily routine. It is also good to remove extra calories from body. This pedometer will be helpful to optimize steps, reduce weight and to burn calories from body. This Pedometer walk counter provides a perfect way to count walk steps.

How to use Pedometer walk counter:
- Install and open this pedometer app
- Set the setting first to perform best step counting
- Click on start button to start counting
- Click on clock icon to check previous day history
- Refresh button will helps you to start from new
- As you finished your walk, press pause button to stop the pedometer’s clock
- Save the record in order to compare to next day
- Enjoy the app and have fun

Features of Pedometer walk counter:
*Perfect app for fitness purpose;
* It calculates number of steps you walked perfectly;
*The distance covered by you;
*Running or walking speed;
*Also calculated the no of burned calories;
*Best alternative to hiking app, as it also suitable for hiking;
*Works during sleep mode;
*Chart stores the data according to date; later you can check past day records;
*You can change the units from its setting;
*Easily pause and play;
* You don’t need to check how much how walked;
* Its speak function will helps you to check how much steps you walked;
* How many miles or kilometer distance you covered;
* Steps per minute you walked;
* As well announce number of burned calories;
* Setting provides complete access to set all setting manually and calculates according to your input;
* This pedometer app will help you to maintain your body figure;
* Amazing app to lose weight and remain fit;
* It contains very eye-catching display;
* Best jogging app - weight loss;
* As it helps to count burn calories so it is a best calorie counter app.
Download and use this best Distance counter app, and burn calories. It is a best way to remain fit, if you feel any problem regarding to this app then give us feedback. We go through your feedback and make changes in it. Now you don’t need to get special walk counter device. Just simply install this Pedometer walk counter app and perform walk counting through your mobile phone.


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